At times you find life lessons in the oddest of places. 

Security messages when you are onboard the aircraft are mostly considered useless. You have heard them several times. Of course you know how to use a seat belt. It’s 2017! And no, when something bad happens we won’t remember to follow the lights on the floor :) 

But there are 2 fascinating life lessons hidden in those messages. And each time I fly, it’s a gentle reminder. 

Before helping others, make sure your own oxygen mask is on 

Before you feel you are in a position to help someone, make sure you have first helped yourself 

Get yourself stable first before you attempt to bring stability to others 

Please identify the exit closest to you. Remember, your nearest exit could be behind you 

As you move forward in life, your past could help you. Don’t cling on to it, but do recognize that it exists and served a purpose. 

Don’t always assume your goals or opportunities are ahead of you. You may have might as well given them a pass in the past. 

Another reminder of how inspiration can come from the strangest of sources, if you don’t leave inspiration to chance.