We all hate it, don’t we

This is how the rules are 

I am just following the system 

I can’t help you. The right person is sitting there in that corner

We are like this only 

Sorry ma’am. I understand but I can’t help 

No you don’t understand

And yes you can help

But it’s not your fault. You have been trained to follow a system. A rule book. An instruction manual. One that offers an annual promotion and a stable career.

Here is the deal about Bureaucracy

It’s most prevalent not in institutions, rather individuals

I am like this only 

This is who I am and don’t expect me to change

I have done this the same way all along 

Don’t try to change me. Accept me the way I am. 

If we hate the first form of it – how come we are all so comfortable dealing with it in our selves?

10 years back, I was the most stuck up guy I have even known.

An image of myself that I imposed on myself everyday

A misplaced sense of self righteousness

An unnecessary definition of right and wrong. Of dos and don’ts.

And the (now unbelievable) urge to resist changing my own self

Only once I let go, did I begin to discover who I was.

And who I could be.

And I began to like the idea of a better me. At least the path towards it.

Kill the bureaucracy within. The most dangerous people are those that sit and do not wish to change.