Every single moment 

Our brain has the power to think, to imagine

And what’s separates humans from other species is our ability to imagine the future. The possibilities. The multiple outcomes. 

And most of us misuse that power. 

We misuse the power when the ability to imagine is used to imagine the worst. 

And all possible ways something could go wrong. 

And all possible reasons why something will not work. 

And all possible outcomes that will make us fail. 

The habit of imagining the worst has killed more people than death ever will. 

And yet we do it to ourselves everyday

Not to be prepared. Not to be aware. Not to fight it back. 

Rather to retread. To not pursue. To have a reason not to go through. 

To tell ourselves it’s too risky. Not worth it. 

Ask yourself this question: if I didn’t have the power to imagine the future, how would the choices that I make today be any different?

Life is what passes by as you over think everyday how to live it