On 31st January, I went live on Facebook to share the nearbuy brand brief, as part of our search for a creative agency. 

It was honestly a natural thing for us to do. We were frustrated with the current pitching process in the industry. And realized there were so many awesome agencies that we had no idea about. How do we reach out to them? 

So we did what we do everyday. Speak to the world and ask for help. 

Just that, there is no brand in this country that has ever done this. 

Gone public with its brief. And that too on Facebook live video. 

What was normal and natural for us, wasn’t so much for the world. It ended up challenging set notions in the industry

Did we expect that? No

Did we hope for that? No

Has it helped us? Absolutely yes

Could we have planned for it? Don’t think so

We think we know ourselves. And we might. 

What we don’t know is at what point will our natural self become special for the world. 

And special people don’t work towards that moment. They play their own game