I am privileged that a lot of people write in seeking help. 

What shocks me, consistently, is how few of them know what help they need 

My standard response to most emails is my favorite question 

How can I help

Here is the truth 

No one will figure out how they can be useful for you. You have to do it for them, if you need them. 

How can I help? 

The question you need an answer to, before you seek help

Bad answers

  • Wanted to bounce off my idea
  • Am I on the right path
  • Get your views on the product
  • 15mins of your time will be really useful

Good answers

  • We are also building a supply-led marketplace and your experience at nearbuy will be useful
  • You have invested in xxx and we are attempting the same. What do we need to know
  • Should we scale categories or cities? 
  • Are we at the right stage to raise funding or continue bootsrapping?

Help doesn’t come from a spray and pray approach. That’s advice, you are mistaking it for. 

People will help you only when you have helped them understand how they can.