Self driving cars

I am amazed at the pace with which this industry is being transformed. There isn’t any month where an incredible video doesn’t surface – from different companies – showcasing real life implementation. 

Without knowing much about the technology – here is an admission I would still make. 

It isn’t possible that everyone started to build this at the same time for us to see so much action happen simulataneously. 

Instead, it seems that “someone discovered” that self driving cars was a possibility. And then the best brains lept at it to prove that they were the best brains. 

Mankind gained from this competition, as a consequence. 

The tools had existed. For a long time. And very few people bothered to look beyond. 

Until one of them did. 

And then competition took over. 

The race to build something better and before led to attention towards the algorithm that could take over the tool. 

And before we knew it – tools had become redundant. 

The steps towards progress are clear

People. Tools. Algorithm. 

Don’t stop at tools. That’s progress half done.