I signed up for Amy at x.ai last week. Had been resisting it for a while, not sure why. On paper it’s the tech I should jump at. 

An artificial intelligence based calendar scheduler. 

Oh. My. God. 

The first few conversations were awkward. Especially marking her on an email with real people. Asking for her help to reschedule. 

Slowly she began her magic. Replying to my requests

can you share full address of Sector 29 market, or you know the place. I want to make sure the two of you don’t miss each other 

I replied with a “know the place”

At lunch day before (incidentally setup by Amy) my friend remarked 

It matters how we speak to the AI tech today. Because that’s how they will talk to us tomorrow. 

Last night I received the first week email from x.ai

It’s best to be clear and polite. If you think of Amy as a human assistant, you can’t really go wrong

It’s evident 

We now have a responsibility 

How we talk to AI today is how the world will talk to each other tomorrow