Not everyone gets lucky.

However, everyone has the power to create processes that create their luck.

Here is how:

– I quit my job as the CEO of nearbuy in 2019, with no money. But another income stream had started emerging – speaking gigs – something that I had been doing since 11th grade!

– When the world shut down in 2020 and it was virtually impossible to go out, a friend suggested I teach online – because, hey, everyone was spending their time at home, on the screen, and they would want to have wisdom from someone 

Fast forward to today, while we made 17Cr in revenue last year, and are on the verge of making 30Cr this year, I would rather attribute it to us getting lucky. 

However, I would also let the luck know that a huge part of this came from building systems that would bring the trust of our customers, staying true to the process clinically, and listening to your customer intently.

The sad thing about luck is that you don’t know when it will work out.
However, the happy thing about luck is you know your systems would eventually work out.