i believe that nature has a wonderful way of telling you what to do next…or to make you realize that what you are doing shouldnt be done. and the best part is that it will do so in a manner that will make you believe it was your own choice…all the way…

i saw Swades last night. was a tad dissapointed. possible because i was watching it at a time when dozens of praises had already been registered by my conscience. so i was expecting a lot more than i got. somehow…i cant credit SRK with much. no matter how powerful the script…something has to happen to certify SRK as the hero of the movie. i didnt get the point of the scene wherein he was trying to generate electricity through the turbine and had to pull out that straw bunch after the turbine failed to reach 230 volts. PLEASE…why does HE have to be the one doing it…when there were hundred others. not that he used his NASA knowledge to figure out what the problem was…!!

anyways…i am loosing track. the movie wasn’t powerful. it didnt hit me. i did cry one occasion…but that surely wasnt cause of the powr of the script.

what struck me though…and this is where i link myself to the 1st para…was his reason to come back. he felt that his life has moved on…in a way that had left others behind…people who at some point of time were really precious to him.

and when i think of myself…i figure i am no different.

Today is the 5th of Sep…and i know that i havent called someone when i should have…(and who i did call for 4 years before i just stopped…one fine day). I do send her flowers every year…but havent met her since 1.5 yrs…! and come to think of it…at one point of time…she was the most important person in my life. someone who literally ‘made’ me…what i am today…!

Today is the 5th of Sep…and i wrote to him after almost a month (and after watching the movie). there was a time when we wouldnt go to sleep before talking to each other. when he used to call me at random hours…and we used to chat for hours thereafter. when i used to keep my landline under my blanket so as to not disturb my folks from the ringtone that would come at 2 in the morning…! and even though i still think of him as my closest guy friend…i shudder on the thought that it must just be on paper

Today is the 5th of Sep…and its been alsmost 2 weeks sinc ei have met her. when i left for dubai this time around…she told me…”i kept waiting for you…ab aayega nandu…ab aayega nandu…”…and i had tears in my eyes. i realized that an effort that will take me 30 mins…will give her priceless happiness. and yet i chose to be lazy…

Today is the 5th of Sep…and i didnt watch Swades for all that i am feeling. i choose to watch it for what i had heard about it…! and yet nature…had its way of telling me…”dude…u cudnt hv expected more out of SRK…but u sure did realize something that you were doing wrong…”

live has surely moved on…