Vidur loves to build stuff. Elements for his own world. Rockets, aliens, monsters, zoo, farms. 

And when he does, he forgets everything else. He immerses himself. It doesn’t matter what’s happening around him at that moment. 

Unfortunately, as he grows up, this will change. 

Noise will seek attention. 

Social media




The next ping. The next notification. 

And he will submit to the noise. 

Just as we all do too. 

How he deals with it will determine who he becomes. 


Back in the days of our parents, being smart was a differentiator. 

Your IQ could leapfrog you to the top of the order. 

And it did. 

The smartest people were almost always the most successful. 

Today, smartness I would argue, isn’t a wide range. 

There is information available to everyone. 

Opportunities too. 

The thing that matters today is focus. 

The ability to immerse yourself. And not care about what’s happening around. 

The act of discarding noise. 

Focus, more than IQ, will determine your success today

Focus in the new IQ