1. Keep a distraction note book
  2. Use Pomodoro timer. 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break
  3. Set distraction time
  4. Look for the emotional issue of distraction
  5. Don’t be so harsh on yourself.
  6. Know that delayed gratification gives better results than instant gratification
  7. Force 10 minutes of work. And you will be surprised at how distraction goes away.
  8. Go for a walk. Look outdoors. Because we are so busy looking at our screens, it is inevitable to be distracted all of the time.
  9. Do not use phone all of the time, each time you are bored. Allow yourself to be bored.
  10. Reiterate your self talk. Instead of telling yourself “I get distracted easily,” tell yourself, “I am absolutely focused on the task I do. I am a focused person.”