The Power Law of Investing as a concept is quite simple. 

And quite powerful. 

It states that in investing, your best returning investment will almost always give you supernormal returns, exceeding the combined returns from the rest of your portfolio. 

The 2nd best will be higher than the sum of the remaining. 

So on and so forth. 
Each week I spend an hour welcoming the new members to the nearbuy (formerly groupon) fanily. 

And I leave them with this precise message. 

Rather a question

“In today’s world, even if you left everything to fate and just existed, you would end up being 5/10/20X of who you are today. 

Think of how you can be 100X of who you are today

How much will you multiply yourself?”

Here is the deal about multiplying 100X – you don’t know what will get you there. 

No one does

People who do are the ones who are constantly on the hunt. 

Who are constantly searching for the thing they are super normally good at. 

Who are constantly working on themselves. Invest time. And don’t ever get comfortable. 

They don’t know how good they can get. 

So they never stop! 

It’s a lot like investing