Every morning we wake up with a feeling. A certain emotion. 

Somehow the emotion controls our day. The rest of the day becomes captive to that thought you started it with. 

Hence, the world tells you – wake up with the right feeling. Go to bed feeling the right things. That sets the tone for your day. 

That’s foolish. It is like expecting one to always be happy. And to have happy thoughts always. And to not allow any other emotion to enter. 

Instead, think of how you can control your emotion. How you can change it. 

Now suddenly it doesn’t matter what you wake up with. You can always reset it to what you want. 

Here is the deal about controlling your emotions. It begins by not reacting to it. 

Ironically, the best way to deal with a negative emotion is to not acknowledge it and work on it. 

Rather dismiss it. 

Stop reacting to every emotion you feel. As if by magic, the world around you will change.