Over the weekend we sent a special email to the early adopters of the nearbuy mobile app 

It entitled them to Rs 300 of credit once they upgraded to the new version of the app. Because they have given us the best feedback so far. 

It was a thank you gesture. From us

One of those users copied the sexy part of that email. And pasted it on an affiliate forum. Craftfully omitting the conditions or the fact that this was for a limited audience. 

The forum went viral. 

We got 5000+ downloads 

And 33 one-star ratings 

in a day 

The brickbat was all about how they didn’t receive the 300 credit on downloading the app. 

It wasn’t meant for first downloads

It wasn’t meant for the forum 

It wasn’t meant for the world 
Let’s replay this

Someone made a false promise on your behalf

Without asking you 

And when the promise wasn’t delivered, the world went against you 
Reminds you of something? 

Each day, we meet people. People we influence. People we leave some impression upon. 

They, without knowing us, spread these impressions around. Unknowingly make promises on our behalf. 

And the world, when it meets you, isn’t a blank slate. It is already clouded by these promises. It is not trying to figure who you are. It is trying to figure if you are what they think you are. 

And at that stage, you have got to ask yourself

Will I be me? 

Or will I do what they want?