Over the weekend, a conversation digressed over to discussing the super wealthy. A close friend heads the strategy function of one such billionaire and has seen their life up close. 

Despite being worth billions of dollars, they lead an unpretentious life. Their homes, spread over acres reflect class. Their daily routine shows how money is an output of their life. Not the outcome. 
There is also another section that believes in public display of money. Of lavish lifestyles, of making friends that only care about this side of yours. 

I have my preference over which life to lead. 

Neither is right or wrong. It is a way of life. For every warren buffet there is a Donald trump as well. 

However the distinction is clear. 

One side makes money work for them. It is part of their life but not the factor that determines it. They know they are wealthy. And it ends there. 

The other side lives for money. It is a large reason for them waking up every day. It defines them. 

And this starts defining the way they act

Money shouts. Wealth whispers.