Happiness is a good feeling

It charges us

It makes us confident

It is the goal for almost everything we do

And it’s source can be multiple things – money, love, appreciation, victory. 

And we end up searching for happiness. 

All our lives 

In all our doings 
When instead, the search should be for peace

Because peace is what contains you

Peace is what stays with you 

Peace is what you gift yourself

Especially when happiness eludes you 
There is a certain magic about being calm. And every single day I tell myself – if I remain at peace with myself, with my work, with my world – I can conquer it. 

I don’t have to crave to be happy. That’s not in my control. That is not the reason for my peace. 

Sukh hai alag  (happiness is different)

Aur chain alag hai (and so is peace)

Par jo yeh dekhe woh nain alag hai (the eyes that realize this are different too)

Chain to hai apna (peace is within)

Sukh hai paraye (happiness comes from outside)

– Sapnon se bharein naina (luck by chance)