does Simon Hoegsberg (simon..who…??) rock or what…!!!

this dude can think with photography….and here i am just able to see with the art…! you have to check him out with ‘The Thought Project’

PS: Our conversation from last night…

From: Simon Høgsberg [] Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 11:41 PMTo: Ankur WarikooSubject: Re: Wish to compliment you

Hej Ankur,

It’s not often that I receive as much praise as that given to me below. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me.

Keep it up and take care,


Dear Simon…

This email goes out to compliment you on the extraordinary work that you done with respect to photography, lately. I was impressed with ‘Private and Public’ when it came out. However, ‘The Thought Project’ contradicted my opinion that nothing could be better than ‘Private and Public’. It is simply one of the best photography project that I have come across, that connects visuals with sensitivity in a profound manner.

Please accept my congratulations again on a wonderfully executed project. I am an amateur photographer and you definitely serve as a high source of motivation and inspiration.

Hope to see more of you in the near future. Take care and have a nice day ahead…

Ankur Warikoo