“Once you finish studying, you will get a job.
Once you get a job, you will make money.
Once you make money, you will be happy.”

THIS was the biggest lie sold to us!

Happiness is not a candy out of a vending machine – that once it is with you, it becomes yours.

Happiness is a choice.

Choice to be happy even when things are not going as you wished them to be.
Choice to be happy when the world thinks you should be wandering and depressed by now.
Choice to not take your life situations seriously, because to you it’s no big deal (even if it is).

It turns out, if money or a good job could buy happiness, everyone with these would be happy. But they aren’t necessarily!

A good job and good money are important. I get that.
But they are not the source of your happiness, unless YOU ARE NOT HAPPY.

When you are the source of your happiness, you figure out happiness even when for the time being, you do not have the money/job you wanted. 

Could there be anything else, to be happier? :)