Not that we didn’t know it…but its fascinating…and equally scary…to see how much of data has google stored through that one single username password of yours..! Gmail, Orkut, Reader, Search, Youtube, Alerts, GTalk…we dont realize how much of time we spend on Google products everyday and how all of those actions are being stored

Google released its DashBoard feature this week, which helps users with Google accounts to shit in their pants looking at the amount of information that lies with the company.

For starters, I have:

  • over 18,000 received emails,
  • over 7,000 sent mails and
  • over 5,o00 chat conversations

saved in my GMail account!!! Holy friggin shit…!

And oh…in the month of October, i executed more than 10,700 google search queries…ALL of which are stored…!

It is scary…and also jaw-dropping…to realize that a single entity knows so much about possibly every young individual in this world!! EVERYTHING!