The iPhone 4 is here! First Impression: Fantastic!

Well, we all knew how it would eventually look, but we didn’t really know what to expect when it came to its functioning. We all know now! I dont know how much Steve is involved in creating these videos, but the art of fantastic story-telling is excellent. Pixar...

Average is the New Exceptional

This definitely beats Steve Jobs!! Definitely. I LOVED this one. Lesson of the day – You aren’t given opportunity, You fight for it!

Phir? Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara

Or in other words…a tutorial on how not to spoil a classic by getting crass non-achievers, giving them more air-time than they ever got in their lifetime, and trying too hard to show that we have progressed! Music sucks (what is it…an electronic house...

Dont be stupid

Quite like the video…goes with the entire current Indian theme of 3 Idiots (which hopefully will be the theme for my next post, now that I have seen the movie twice!)