Well, we all knew how it would eventually look, but we didn’t really know what to expect when it came to its functioning. We all know now!

I dont know how much Steve is involved in creating these videos, but the art of fantastic story-telling is excellent. Pixar hangover?

The official Apple iPhone 4 Video from the WWDC 2010

First Views:

1. I really like the sleek look. Wasnt a big fan of the curved backside of the current iPhones, so this flat slim body for me works awesome. View the video above to learn more about they got all of what they have, in this size. Remarkable

2. FaceTime – the chatting facility, has been a little overplayed, given that its been around for a while now. But then, I think its more about quicker adoption through the iPhone. Just like the analysis that suggested that after the launch of the iPhone 3GS, the number of uploads to YouTube through phones, increased. People were still shooting videos through their phone, but the 3GS just made it easier to adopt!

3. The Retina feature seems awesome. Honestly, will have to see it to beleive it, but if it really works as sharp as suggested, this is great stuff.

4. Multitasking raises questions on the already quite bad battery power of the iPhone. I hope the bigger battery size takes care of it, but thats a big pain area for me currently and its unfortunate that the previous models will have to bear the brunt without enjoying multitasking to the hilt.

At first glance, I LOVE THE PHONE! This also makes me wanna buy the next gen iPad, whenever it will be released! Am sure all this technology is going beyond the iPhone right now, in the Apple chambers!