Option 1:

Your performance has been below par. Despite repeated feedback it hasn’t improved. Its not working out.

“You are fired!”


Option 2:

Have you hit your targets in the last 6 months?

Why do you think you haven’t?

Is there anything I could have done to help you hit those targets?

Do you think I had the same constraints for others too? And at an organizational level as well?

How do you think leaders deliver when faced with such constraints?

How long do you think you will need to become that leader?

Do you think as an organization we have that much time?

Do you realize that because of all these conditions, every month you are here I will have to act like an asshole to you?

What would you do if you were me?

“I would fire me”



They have just lost their job. They don’t need to lose their self respect too.

Nor do you need to.