As an entrepreneur

You will be misunderstood because of your irrational optimism. Be optimistic anyway.

Other’s success will generate massive self doubt every morning you get up. Get up anyway.

Family will suffer because you have less and less time to love. Love anyway.

You will be hated for the times you take harsh decisions. Take decisions anyway.

The world might not value the experiences you share. Share anyway.

You will struggle to smile and show up. Show up anyway.

You will struggle to show up and smile. Smile anyway.

Your teams may seem naive, inexperienced and not ready to be trusted. Trust anyway.

Your ego will tell you that you don’t need help. Seek help anyway.

You will wonder why don’t they understand. Don’t give up anyway.

In the end the battle is between you and the man in the mirror 

It was never between you and them anyway