I met a good friend after ages yesterday. Clearly one of the smartest, sharpest and passionate guys I know. He runs a fascinating company called Akosha and we caught up for the same.

He had questions on how to grow, how to manage people, how to balance growth and expenses, how to free up his time for the most important stuff, what will be the next big thing for the company.

The exact same questions I ask myself everyday.

The exact same questions Zuckerberg asks himself everyday, I reckon.

We always think that successful people think of far more “strategic” things than us normal beings – who are busy with tactical stuff. I don’t think so.

Everyone is ALWAYS thinking of the same thing. Experience doesn’t make you ask different questions. It just allows you to answer them differently.

Experience gives you the confidence to back your answer. At times even false, but confidence nonetheless.

And most importantly experience gives you the ability to connect the dots. Doing this will impact that.

But here is the fascinating thing. Both confidence and perspective are not contingent on the time you have spent in the trade. One can easily replace it with gut/intuition and an attitude of “only one way to find out”.

Everyone has the same problems. And experience is over-rated.

Follow your gut and just do it. You might fail, but that’s ironically what people call experience!