To change any state of matter, energy is required.

That’s the law of thermodynamics that governs the world.

And that includes humans as well.

For us to move from one state to another will require energy.

For us to move from happiness to sadness or vice versa,

For us to move from risk aversion to risk friendliness and vice versa

For us to move from autocracy to democracy and vice versa

Will require energy

Mental energy

And mental energy drains us faster than physical energy

We give up much earlier than our bodies do

We resign to our circumstances much earlier than our muscles do

No wonder then – the world is collectively talking about work life balance.

Because the one at work is a different person than the one outside of work.

And that shift of state sucks is out of energy.

Thus the need to “balance”.

What we should really aspire for – is to work at a place where we can be who we are in real life.

If the state of matter continues, energy is not lost.

Do everything possible to find environments that do not change your state.

Instead, amplify them!