We all have opinions.

Opinions, based on our experiences, our upbringing, our past, people who we spend time with. Opinions based on our worldview.

And these opinions drives our judgement.

The problem arises when our opinions make us opinionated.

When we treat these opinions as facts.

And worse, when faced with a differing opinion, a differing view, we reject it instantly. Terming it as something that needs to be won over.

Something that needs to be destroyed.

But then, someone else’s opinion has also been shaped up their own experiences, their upbringing, their past, and through people they spend time with.

What if, instead of rejecting someone else’s opinion, we empathised with the context that formed their opinion?

What if, we tried to see what could have possibly shaped up this opinion?

“In my opinion” should be a way to present your opinion.

“I think i understand” should be a way to uncover someone else’s opinion.

“I think both can coexist” should be a way to not be overcome with our opinion.