??I hate running
It is boring It is painful ??

And it doesn’t come naturally to me 
But when I ran the half marathon 2 years back, it was for a goal I had to achieve 

To tell life that I have overcome 
This year, running the marathon was to give my wife moral support. She wanted to run and I felt I should accompany here. 
The stadium was a festival 

Delhi’s largest selfie gathering 

People were dressed in the right gear

Ammunition, whether it’s music, or water, or energy drinks, around their waist

Warming up 

Making all the right noises 
It started

I took a deep breadth

Put on my headphones 

And started to run

With my head always looking at the road

Reminded every km by my running app, on how I was doing 
Along the way, I saw “death”

The cool headphones guy was dead 

The energy drinks guys was limping 

The puma gear guy was unable to run

People with the noises were somehow silent 
And I just kept telling myself 


Don’t fucking stop 

If you stop before the next km, we will not hit our December GB

If you don’t do better than your precious time, we will not raise as much as I want to 

If you don’t complete it within 2.5 hours, we will not be a best company to work for 
And then, all of this makes you realize

There are people 

Who will make a lot of noise

Who will have the right equipment

Who, before the run, will try and convince you they are better 

But in long distance running, the enemy is your mind 
We are not running a sprint 

We are running a marathon 

And it doesn’t matter who starts first

Because the ones that will finish, will always win! 
Stay focused 

Stay awesome 

do epic shit