Sometime back, I was asked to answer the following question on Quora

What qualities does Ankur Warikoo expect when he says, “If you are awesome”?
In many answers he mentioned that apply if you are awesome. What is his criteria? 

Here was my response to the question

I was at the ISB Admissions Interview yesterday.

A candidate walked in.
Asked him his biggest achievement till date
He replied “the fact that I can read and write today”
Perplexed, we asked him to elaborate

2 years back he met with a motorcycle accident.
Suffered 2 skull fractures. 1 in his collar bone.
After 2 days, he lost his memory.
He couldnt remember words, he couldnt remember how to dial numbers, how to read, how to do things that one learns by simply growing up.

After 10 days, he was watching a football match with his brother. Between Liverpool and Manchester United. He didnt even know that this was football. But somehow it looked familiar.
He asked his brother why it was looking familiar.
His brother replied that Man Utd was his favorite football club.

A visual had triggered his memory.

Over the course of the next 3 months, through doses of music, films, re-enacting incidents from before, travelling to places, and a thorough language training, he regained a large part of his memory back.

He is now an Income Tax Officer, after clearing the IAS with an All India Rank of 41

Awesome cannot be defined.
I do not know what awesome is.
I just know when I see it.


80% of the comments on this page were about correcting the fact that one doesn’t become an Income Tax Officer after clearing the IAS.

They missed the point completely.

Reminded me of the the most powerful lesson I have learnt in life

If you spend enough time – everything will have flaws.
But that may not be the best use of your time.