About 16 years back I held a camera for the first timeand fell in love with it, instantly

We weren’t rich and this camera was a gift. 

Back then films rolls were how we used to take photos. 

A 36-photo roll used to cost Rs.100 and another Rs.3 to process one of them. 

So an investment of Rs.200 – not knowing which one would come out the way you want it to. 

But just the fact that I could imagine a picture, capture it in my lens, and see it convert into an image forever, was fascinating. 

And overtime I realized the biggest lesson of my life

I could change the image

At my will

By controlling how I saw it through the lens and how I captured it through the camera
Every single day, we meet people at work

And as we grow, we will meet even more

More often than not, we will have an image of them, even before we meet them

Always remember – you have the power to change that image

At your will

Watch this beautiful video and you will know what I am talking about

Don’t ever let perception come in the way of discovering people

Every interaction can be a new image

Of the very same person

beautifully composed