Our car came back from servicing day before

I drove it and could instantly hear a noise that wasn’t there before. Right when one accelerates. And it’s loud. Quite audible.

I send the car back to check on it.

The technician sits in the car, next to the driver. He is driven around. And not surprisingly, he can hear the noise too.

So he pulls this a mobile app. It’s a diagnostic tool. It connects to various parts of the car and diagnoses potential issues, I am assuming basis several parameters.

It’s honestly quite fancy.

He tests the car on the app and the app gives it a clear sign.

88% working condition.

And the technician goes – “sir, your car is perfectly fine. There is no problem.”

“But…you just heard the noise. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did. But the app says there is no problem.”

“Well, yes. The app says so. But you too know that there is something wrong with the car.”

“Sir. The app says there isn’t anything wrong”

Extend this scenario to life.

How often do we allow set norms and processes and rules to overrule the one thing what truly sets us apart.

Our judgement.

How often do we allow any “machine” – technological, social, financial – to supersede our gut.

But, Our rule books says this is the way it’s supposed to be done.

But, my parents say this is the right thing for me.

But, my religion says this isn’t right.

But, my boss says don’t do this.

But, the world doesn’t work this way.

Don’t allow something created by humans, to become a bigger truth than humans themselves.