Jeff Bezos famously spoke about the culture at Amazon – disagree and commit.

Not everyone will agree to a single point of view. And yet one has to ensure the company moves forward.

So you get everyone in a room, have an honest debate about the decision to be made and seek opinions.

At the end of it all, you would hopefully have most of the participants aligned on one point of view.

There will still be some that are not. And for those – you can chose to disagree, but we want you to commit.

In the end, we will know which side of the argument held more weight.

The hard part about disagree and commit is not the disagreement.

It’s the commitment.

I told you so

I always knew this won’t work

See, this is exactly what I had predicted

You should have trusted my experience/data

So while it takes a lot of courage to instill a culture of disagree and commit, it takes even more for individuals to remain committed.

Every single day, you are not only fighting against your own self doubt, but also the false support of success from others.