You know what the top reason was, for a job to be the best job people ever had?

There was a survey of 10,000 people done, asking about the best job they ever had.
14 choices were given about what made it the best job they ever had.
Work-life balance.
Didn’t have to work too hard.
All possible options. 

It turns out, the results were:
I accomplished more than I thought I could.
People treated me with respect and I did work I was proud of.

The results were the same – no matter which country people came from, no matter how old they were. 

Very often, we do not have that job.
We have a job that’s toxic.
A job that we have to do, for money.
A job that we hate, but can’t quit.

I recognize that these are hard choices to make, difficult choices to make.
All I want you to know that at the end of it all – this kind of job will NOT be the best job of your life. 

You may not have the BEST job today.
But you deserve the BEST JOB one day.

Get to that.
Make that happen for yourself.