Unpopular opinion: 

The corporate world is NOT for you, if you are a good performer…

At the risk of endorsing a victim mindset, I will say this – most of the corporate world is designed for mass people employed, put through a regimented process, expected to be compliant and follow orders, make the least noise, show up, work and go back home to come back again.

It is NOT designed for the exceptional few.
The ones who want to make a difference, the ones who care, the ones who see their work as an extension of their expression.

The corporate world is NOT designed for the good ones.
It is designed for the average ones.

So if you are good, you are going to have it hard.

Why do you think startups even succeed?
Because they tend to bring such defiant, capable, willing folks together.

The ones who don’t say, “this is not my job”.

So if you are good – do yourself a favour.

Maniacally hunt down organisations whose culture nurtures your kind.
Be uncompromising in that search.

There are a few, but they are.
And you know what – they too are looking for you!

BUT NEVER EVER, give up on who you are.

Do not let the world change what is good in you!
Do not lose yourself in a place that doesn’t love you for who you are.