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ankur warikoo’s community for epic people :)


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ABOUT epiCrew

There are 10.8Mn+ people who follow Ankur across platforms.
There is no reason why Ankur should be the only one sharing his experiences.

Everyone has something to share, something to contribute and something to offer help on.


That is the premise of the community app – epiCrew.

A community centered around seeking and offering help.
So that we can all grow.

This is a community of epic people, for epic people, by epic people, from warikoo!

Here's what the app looks like

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Get it on Google Play

This is what our members think about us!


Thank you ankur warikoo sir . I like this app. Every one must have this app. Lots of love and respect for you.

Vivek Sharma

Girl in a jacket Play Store | 28th March 2024

Ellipse 2

Hey Warikoo, glad to be a part of your community. Thanks😍 a lot for building an app like this, where like minded people can contribute their experiences which would be insightful for everyone around the room!


Aravind Suriya D P

Girl in a jacket Play Store | 11th January 2024

Untitled design

EpiCrew app is fantastic. It’s better than twitter. I find it useful yet non-addictive!

Bhavya Anjaria

Girl in a jacket Email | 23rd March 2024