Are you someone who loses their productivity as the day goes on? 

This post is for you.

As the day goes on, many of us start losing focus, especially after lunch. However, here are some ways in which we can keep our productivity going even at this time:

  1. Japan’s 80% rule: Japanese follow this rule where they stop eating after their stomach is 80% full. If you eat after this, then the food, instead of giving you energy, makes you more lethargic. Food is supposed to give us energy. The excess of it, simply takes it away.
  2. Stay hydrated: I haven’t seen a single human being who drank 5 litres of water a day and was lethargic. None. 
  3. Have a standing desk as well: Fitness experts are claiming that sitting is the new smoking, because it makes your bones weak, joints damp, and energy levels plummet. Why would you do that to yourself?

The key to doing productive work does not lie in doing more work, it lies in doing more of things that make you increase your productivity. Sometimes by even working less.