1. Just because someone is good at their work doesn’t mean they will become good managers.
    Managing oneself is very different from managing others.
  1. You grow professionally by making your boss’s life easier.
  2. What counts is 5 years of experience.
    Not 1 year of experience done 5 times.
  3. Action >>> Thought.
    No one gets rewarded for “I had the same idea much before them.”
  4. The reward for standing by your promised word is immense.
    Once you have made a commitment, no one should need to follow up on you.
  5. Jobs are not 9-5 or 10-6 or fixed hours.
    Jobs are the amount of focused time you spend on it.
  6. If all leaders in the company engage in politics, then it is not politics.
    It is the culture.