A man was visiting an elephant farm.

He got there, to see massive (almost wild) elephants.

But they weren’t caged.
There was nothing holding them, except for a weak iron chain tied to one of their legs!

To express his surprise, he went up to the owner.

“I must say your elephants are quite disciplined.
Despite being so massive, evidently wild, you have been able to hold them together by just this iron chain and that too tied to just one of their legs.
I mean, they could easily break that iron chain in their sleep, if they wanted to. How impressive!”

The owner smiled.

“Do you want to know how I did it?”
“Of course. How?”

“When these elephants were born, I tied the same iron chain around one of their legs.
They tried to break the chain, but they were too small and incapable.
They tried for days, weeks, months, but they were unsuccessful.
So one day they stopped trying.
Convinced that they were not capable of breaking this chain.
I never had to change the chain, even when they grew up!”

This is our life.

While growing up, there were chains that were tied to us.
Emotional and psychological chains.

“You cannot do this.”
“This isn’t worth it.”
“Are you sure about this?”
“Look at them doing it so much better.”
“Are you out of your mind?”

We tried to resist, but these chains were strong back then.
They are not today.
But you stopped trying at some point.

These chains may not exist today.
Even if they do, they are incapable of holding you back.
But they are still holding you back!

To everyone who is reading this – I hope you know that you CAN break these chains.
That you do break these chains.
And become free, finally.