We are motivated to do things ONLY under 2 circumstances.

1. We like what we have to do!

?Think about it – we rarely require motivation to do the things that we like doing, things that we want to do.

It just happens.
Without any push.

You could just as much be motivated to workout (if you really like working out), as you could be motivated to sleep 30 minutes more (if you like sleeping).

But this works. Without fail!

2. We are ‘forced’ to do things we do not want to do.

?The reality is – we will NEVER be motivated to do the things we do not want to do, unless there is external pressure applied.

I know when I say external pressure, the construct in your head is most certainly a negative one.
Punishment, rebuke, reprimand, penalty.
Or in serious cases, something that fears us, scares us, scolds us to move, to show up, to get that thing done.

But the external pressure could very well be positive as well.
Financial incentives, acknowledgment, respect, fame, sense of progress.
An accountability partner.
Something that makes us move, that tells us it is non-negotiable to show up, or oddly pleasant to show up.

The key then, is to pick up something you want to do, but do not like doing (say going to the gym).
And then don’t wait for the external pressure.
CREATE that external pressure.

?Hire a trainer. Go with a friend. Sign up for the membership. Commit to a goal publicly. Find a new love interest in your gym. Engage in the gym gossip.
Whatever works for you!

Do it, until you move to circumstance 1.
And you will.

Until then, the created ‘pressure’ is your ally, your friend.
Create it, before the world forces one on you!