I have been extremely lucky in life to be part of tribes that I wasn’t deserving of, in the first place.

ISB – got through with less than 2 years of experience.
Kearney – got through despite not being a top ranker.
Entrepreneur – became one completely by accident
Rocket – got through after a 15 min meeting
Groupon – was asked to lead with no such prior experience or exposure
Fortune – can count 100 more people who could be part of the list instead of me

I am the wild card entry in all these. The guy on the fence. The not so obvious choice.

Here is the deal with wild card entries
No one expects you to win.
No one knows about you  either.
No one expects you to contribute.
And the only direction you can go is up!
The only thing you can do is to observe the obvious entrants and learn

And perhaps someday you won’t be wild card anymore