We would like to believe it’s us. Free will. We decide on our choices.

Or do we?

Is social media in charge?

Someone viewed your profile

Someone commented on your photo

Some tagged you

Is your boss in charge?

I need this by tonight

Here is what will get you promoted

These are your areas of development

Is your email in charge?

Please reply asap


Urgent and important

Is your spouse in charge?

Do you love me?

Why don’t you reply when I text?

Where are you going?

Are your parents in charge?

Don’t waste time

Become a doctor or an engineer

Don’t be with that person

Are you in charge

I will devote an hour everyday to read

I will meditate everyday

I will work out or play

I will spend time singing, playing, practicing, listening, learning

I will not allow anyone else to be in charge

Are you in charge?