20 years back I would travel 50km one way and spend an entire day to save Rs. 100 in textbooks and notebooks

15 years back I would stand in line for 2 hours to get a monthly pass made for my bus travel

10 years back I would spend an hour everyday cooking food to save money on eating out

5 years back I would visit 3 shops to get the best price on the laptop

I buy my music on iTunes
I call for bids when I want to buy something
I would much rather pay people to get work done and free up my time

The above may seem as a sign of prosperity. Disguised within it is actually an increasing value for one’s time.

So many people despite growing in life haven’t increased the value of their own time. They take pride in placing the same constant value.
Society calls it being earthy.
They confuse it with humbleness.

If your time doesn’t have an increasing value – you are not creating value. You are merely redistributing it. Because you are “wasting” your time on something that will create much lesser value than it could otherwise.

Place a value to your time. And take it onto yourself to keep increasing it.