Imagine an angry mail written to you

Imagine a conversational fight you are in the middle of 

Imagine an individual being mean to you

Imagine a situation that requires you to react 

At that moment, your instant feeling and thus your instant reaction – is conclusively the wrong one. 

It’s the hardwiring of evolution that tells us to attack back when attacked. That’s how mankind has survived. 

And while the threats have been less threatening, the damage has become less damaging, the nature of the attack is mostly not even personal, we still react as if to win the war. 

Whenever you are reacting towards a situation where you have been attacked, do yourself a favor and DONT react the way you instantly feel like react. 

Pick any other reaction except the first one. 

The first reaction is our basic instinct taking over.

Drop the first reaction. You will always emerge first because of that.