School/college had a fascinating way of trying to teach us something:

  • Everyone will enter a class at the start of the year.
  • Everyone will be taught the same subject.
  • Everyone will be expected to understand and comprehend that subject, at the same pace.
  • At the end of the year, everyone will give an exam.
  • Based on how well you do the exam, you will either pass or fail.

Those who pass, will be ranked, to show who is doing better than the others.

However, doing better will have nothing to do with how well they understand the subject.
It will be purely based on how well they scored in the exam.

The singular focus of school/college was to train us HOW TO GIVE EXAMS and how to score well.
So that once we gave them, we moved to the next class.

School/college basically taught us how to do a task REALLY well just ONCE, and then move on.

When we entered the real world, we realised it did not care about all the things we had been taught and trained for.

This real world believed in just one thing:
Can you do the same task over and over again, while getting better at it, every time?

But that’s not what school taught us!
Which is why most of us struggle.
Because we don’t know what it means to do just one task really well and do it over and over again.

Realise that school first teaches you a lesson and then takes an exam.
While life first takes an exam and then teaches a lesson.

School/college failed you here.
Do not fail yourself!