Staying away from home for one’s studies could take a toll on your expenses. 

Here are 3 ways I saved money staying by myself, that helped me, during my 2 years of PhD in the US:

1. I used to cook at home. Everyday. No ordering out.
Healthy. Cheap. Therapeutic.
Caveat: We used to order a pizza every Thursday.
That’s when FRIENDS used to come on TV (there was no OTT back then!)

2. Not a lot of travel.
I regret that btw, looking back.
Should have travelled a bit though.

3. Stayed in a shared accommodation.
It reduced living expenses drastically.

I worked in the University teaching student, earning me a stipend of $1,300 every month, that helped me save 50% and spend the remaining 50%

Lack of money often results in plenty of ideas. Isn’t it epic?