I often talk about choosing the path you want to choose, so that you don’t regret later.
Because we will never have the answer to “What if?”
It may or may not be the best decision, but the only way to figure it out is by making that decision.

On the other hand, a lot of people in their 30’s reach out to me with their regrets.
I thought the same of myself, when I was 30.
I was fired from my first startup, was figuring out what to do with life, and watching “The Social Network” featuring Mark Zuckerberg’s story made me feel even more miserable.

However, as I started applying, things changed for the better.
That is when I thought, it is not about the years gone by. It is about the years still left!

It turns out, when we are young we refrain from making a decision thinking we might regret it.
When we get a bit experienced with life, regret already takes over.

That is the nature of regret – it makes us wander about our future, and accuse our past.
And the only way to get out of regret, is to make your present count.

Forming habits. Showing up for creativity with discipline. Working on your mindset and your body.

Over time, we get to a place of lesser regrets and more gratitude, for taking care of the inputs, and let the outputs unfold.

Regret is like a weed, if we don’t tend our garden of the present with the right seeds, the weed will inevitably show up.