there is no…and i mean NO better use of one’s time then to read the comments below every rediff article…! they not only stamp my blindfolded belief that we Indians have the most time in this world to simply do nothing….it also helps one to capture the utter stupidity of a certain section of the society…

In a recent article on “College girls in Kanpur react against jeans ban” (which btw was another reflection of the f***ed up mental state of some of us…i meant the ban..not the reaction), here is a sample of a comment by a dude who calls himself saneindian!

Following Bans should be enforced
1) Ban women from wearing Jewelry as it might attract theives.
2) Ban women from wearing saree as it can reveal some parts of the body which are not visible through salwar kameez
3)Ban women from wearing make up. Unwanted attention again.
4) Ban women from driving bikes.
5) Ban women from going out with strangers
6) Ban women from venturing out after 9PM.
This will ensure that women will be safe and secure.
*PS – Implement above and Taliban will be proud of India and their backward baboon mentaility.

I love points 2 and 3 above..! I wonder what his mum and wife have to say to this…but imagine a scene in the evening, right before saneindian and his wife are to leave for his best friend’s wedding party…

saneindian: babes…did i tell you i got this really cool tatoo this morning, after bunking work…! have a look

saneindian wife: oh wow…show show…ummm…what is it…i cant figure out…

saneindian: u bloody dumbass woman…you are looking at it the other way round…here…let me show you the right way…huh…huh…huh??? like it no…??

saneindian wife: omg…what are these?

saneindian: samantha fox’s tits! but you wont even know who samantha fox is…forget it…!

saneindian wife: chee chee chee…yeh sab aapko shobha thodi deta hain…

saneindian: yah whatever…! ok..lets leave, we are getting late. have you ironed my shirt?

saneindian wife: yah…given it for ironing..and guess what…i am wearing that sexy white saree…

saneindia: WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????? F***ING HELLL…YOU BLOODY WEARING A SAREE…who do you think you are…samantha fox…????????

whats even better than this fantabulous comment is the one right after…this time by Nikhil Arora who is clearly not best friends with saneindian…

Little is better
I fully suggest that the dress code for girls should be minis and tank tops. Smaller is better…
As we are aping West in every frontier… why not in dress codes? So just like the music videos it would be like Riverdale… girls coming in the miniest skirts and shortest shorts and the smallest tops… Girls would really appreciate my idea… Hopefully most modern Indian guys would just swallow my idea.. for the beautiful eye-concotion… Wont it be fun??

you bet it will be fun…even more fun when saneindian comes around to your place and beats the shit out of you while 213 onlookers gather and enjoy the show…

rediff rocks…!