So…I finally manage the 1st enter post the initial placement days.

The placement period at any campus is truly the most challenging one…at each and every individual level. And it actually goes for even the ones getting placed on the 1st day. ISB wasn’t any different…

The big 2 of consulting…(Mc-Donalds and BombayCG) started their tryst with the students on Friday. Mc was lookin at impressive numbers…and BCG was going strong on the sheer marketing efforts they had plugged in throughout the year. And the shortlist was essentially the who’s who of ISB. All the dean listers…the top extracurricular performers and the uniquely diverse candidates (a doctor turned detective…and a PhD Army Guy…and the likes).

I was part of the BCG shortlist…and was quite prepared. However, the other side didn’t seem to agree and I wasn’t part of the 2nd shortlist, that came about after the initial 2 rounds of interview. But then…I am to blame myself…I really wasn’t my best…!

Nevertheless, Saturday came and both the firms were into their 3rd rounds…! And with the day…came the remaining big consults…and the big FMCGs.

I was interviewing with ATK and Citi. Finally got in through ATK and closed the process by accepting their offer. And am really happy with it. Shall be posted most probably off Delhi…and the work is truly world class and almost similar, if not higher, when compared to the Donalds and the Bombays…! :)

It is such a relief of sorts…u hv been working towards something all this while…and then it finally happens. Forget the fact tht my mom knows shit abt the company…my dad tolds his friends tht I have got through some AT Carnage firm…and R after all my explanations regarding the compensation, role, location etc asks me “so…tell me…would you be now called an investment banker…???”
“ummmm…ATK is one of the world’s largest management consulting firm…so what part of this statement DIDN’T YOU UNDERSTAND…???????”

Offers closing in…VM cracked the highest offer on campus so far…and some really neat offers were made left right and center. Donalds took 10 students…an Indian record…!

Some sad moments also happening…but its awesome fun as part of the PLACOM to be fighting such issues and still reach home at 2 in the morning after a hard day’s work…feeling good about the fact that another 50 odd people and their families shall sleep a very satisfied sleep tonight…!

Waiting for a lot more records to be broken…and a lot more smiles on campus…!


PS: Even though people r after my life for a treat and all tht…i have a list of 19 people who have to get a job before i can even think of celebrating. the count as of today is 7…! hang in there guys…!