I got up yesterday at 7am

Went to the gym and had a good workout

Came back. Read the newspaper.

Made breakfast for Ruchi and me

Worked for 3 hours


Watched 5 TED videos

Went to watch a play by Rajat Kapoor

Shopped for a few things at the mall

Went for dinner with family

Had meetha paan

Reached home. Worked some more

Slept at 12midnight

Perfect day, isn’t it! 

Except it wasn’t entirely


We stay on the 15th floor. And every Sunday Vidur and I make paper planes from the newspaper pamphlets we receive. And then fly them from our balcony – watching them land.

We couldn’t do that yesterday. He was at his grandparent’s place.


It is really easy to fill time with activities. Activities that give you happiness. Activities defined by the world. Activities that make you learn. That make you emote.

But there is this one thing you do, that is none of the above. It doesn’t have a goal. Neither is it a process. Surely not significant enough to define happiness. Yet there is something about it that’s honest and pious. And each time you indulge in that activity, with no intention, no outcome and no expectation – you learn something new about your own self.


Flying paper planes with Vidur has taught me how hard is it to translate what you know, to someone who doesnt see the world the way you do. 

Folding papers in perfect creases and shapes, isnt something that a 5-year old understands naturally.

It’s obvious to us. Not to them.

And everyday, I make the same mistake. I assume whats obvious to me, is obvious to everyone.

But it isn’t always.


When do you fly your paper planes? 

And what have you learnt from it?