I love the fact that I have a routine, and I would recommend everyone to have one as well.
Because it ensures you attend to yourself, before you attend to the world.

Here is my weekend routine:

Friday nights are exceptions to my “sleep by 9.30pm” rule because I conduct a live session at 10pm on Instagram, every Friday.
It is one thing that I really look forward to because this is how I connect with my audience in the most up close manner.

Hence, Saturday mornings I do not get up around 5am.
Instead, I get up around 6.30am.

6.30-6.45am: Sip a glass of water.

6.45-7.15am: Meditate

7.15-7.45am: Reading

7.45-8am: Do epic shit :))

8am-8.45am: Gym

8.45-9am: Newspaper

9-9.30am: Get ready

9.30-10am: Breakfast

10am-12.30pm: Work day

This usually comprises checking emails, prepping for my Monday shoot (I shoot all my videos on Monday), thinking time etc.

12.30-1.30pm: Time waste schedule :)

1.30-2.30pm: Lunch

2.30-5.30pm: This is when we either watch a movie (happens maybe once/twice a month) or we go out for some errands (my wife and I LOVE shopping haha!)

5.30-6.30pm: Check emails

6.30-7pm: Dinner

7-8pm: Park with family

8pm: Get ready for bed

8.30pm: Put kids to bed

9pm: Read

9.30pm: Sleep

So basically, a LOT of chilling and unwinding with only half a day of work.

On Sunday, the same routine follows, except in the morning Ruchi and I usually go for a heritage or nature walk. 

Delhi has a LOT of places to visit and has a rich history and we both love walk tours with experts.

These walks usually start at 7am (so we have to leave home by 6am) and end by 9.30/10am, so we are back home by 11am.

So – getting ready, breakfast, newspaper etc. are all pushed to the first half of the day (by 12.30pm), after which the day looks very close to how a Saturday looks like.

Happy weekend, lovelies :)