Everyone is walking with some goal, some target, and some destination in mind.

Finish your education by 22.
Get a job by 25.
Get married by 27.
Have kids by 30.
Buy a house by 35.
Get that fancy car, that vacation, that watch, that phone, that bank balance, that status, that position, that dream thing, by XX.

Every goal, target, or destination has a timeline set by us.
And you know what happens because of that?

You are constantly under stress.

Not because you can’t hit the target.
It is because you think you will not hit the target BY THAT TIMELINE.

The happiest folks are the ones who have goals, targets, and who work towards a destination BUT without a timeline.

Their desire is to reach.
Not to reach by a certain time.

Life is so random, and the world is so complex that it is quite crazy for us to assume that we will know what the future holds!

Free yourself.
Make some mistakes.
Give yourself time to recover.
Give yourself a life to live :)